dandelions aren’t weeds

this is my challenge.



A boy with heart sunglasses runs into my room and announces that the world is on fire. Open door. Sharp man. Boy yanked away. Door closed. Muted "I'm so sorry, ma'am". Clicking footsteps. "Hey! You can't-" from outside. Another slam. The revv of an engine. Silence. My hands shake as my body remembers I am … Continue reading titus

my days

august 12: texting a sad friend. trying not to pick sides. excited because my friend had a sleepover!! mario kart and tortellinis and memes, and oh how i adore her august 13: early morning, the two of us surprising a friend who didn't know we'd be on the road trip with her! big city. lots … Continue reading my days


in a bland sort of day i found myself again when i sat in the sunshine and played owl city songs on my ukulele. performing only for myself. telling the spiderwebs and the flowers and the hazy clouds that i'd rather waltz than just walk through the forest, and breathing in the softest sunlight in … Continue reading music